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Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, all started working in their Teens, do you need a better reason?

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First income

Work with real companies and Earn money


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    Lakhs of Teens love Funngro, Hundreds of Companies love Funngro and now Sharks also loved Funngro

Social Media

Video Creation

Website Design

Influencer Marketing

Mobile App Development

Campus Ambassador

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Hundreds of live project in each category. Register for categories of your choice in Funngro App and start working with companies.

Research And Survey

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How can I start earning money?

Simple 5 step process – (1) download funngro and register for earning, (2) complete your evaluation project, (3) apply to projects of your interest, (4) submit completed projects, (5) Get paid!

Why should Teens work?

Start early, get independence, learn while you earn but most importantly get real world experience. Work on projects of your interest and find your real passion before making the final career decision.

What kind of work can I do?

At this time we have 12 categories in which Teens can work as listed on our home page. Do let us know if those do not cover your needs.

Happy Funngro Members

Approva Tyagi Social Media Marketing

Experience has helped me gain a lot of confidence. Best part is learning & Earning together

Kushagra Arora Marketing

Proud earning money via the projects. It's a huge motivation

Ananaya Tyagi Social Media Marketing

Funngro is a powerful platform for all the teenagers out there to earn by applying their skills and new ideas. Happy to work with companies.


The name says it all.
"Its Fun to Grow

Funngro is built by educators, Tech enthusiasts, IIM alumni, Finance experts but most importantly by Loving parents. We are thankful to those mentors who helped us in early stage of our lives and Funngro is our effort to give back to the society. Funngro is a mission to enable Teenagers to become Financially empowered and grow up to be responsible citizens.

Mission - Enable Smart Teenagers and Smart Companies to realize their full potentials